White Menudo


Cook the beef feet with garlic and onion for three hours on medium high. Cut the honeycomb tripe in 1” squares using a sharp knife or brand new or sterilized shears. Add the tripe to soup for another hour. Wash the nixtamal until the water is clear, then add to the mixture and let cook another hour or longer – until the corn is soft. Add salt and desired seasonings to taste. Toppings: Chopped cilantro and green onion, lemon wedges, red chile peppers or hot sauce of choice. Thank you so much to Rumba Meats for inviting me to participate in this campaign. Patrick and I had such a great time working on our recipes. From the shopping to research to taste tests, we learned so much and now have two new meals to add to our own family legacy! And special thanks to my Uncle Joe, whom I love so much! He was kind enough to share his recipe with me! Okay, guys, what is your menudo story? Do you have one?