White Soup Menudo


1. Remove the Honeycomb tripe from the package, drain and rinse. Place in a large pot or bowl and squeeze the lime juice over the tripe and fill the pot with water. Let the tripe soak in that lime juice and water solution for 30 minutes, then drain and rinse again. This step will help eliminate any unpleasant smells from the tripe.  Drain and rinse again, pat dry with paper towels, and cut into 2-inch pieces. Place the pieces, with the onion, garlic and bay leaf in a large pot with a lid and fill with the water.
  1. Place on medium-high heat, and bring to a boil. Skim off the foam that will form on the top after a few minutes. Now, partially cover the pot, reduce the heat to medium-low, and gently simmer for about 2 hours. If you are adding the calf’s foot, remove as soon as it has cooked. Once it’s cool enough to handle, chop the meaty parts and discard the bones, return the meat to the pot.
  2. Add the drained and rinsed white hominy along with the sprig of mint. Keep cooking slowly, for about another ½ hour. If the tripe if too chewy, it needs more cooking. Well, cooked tripe should be tender when you bite it. Add salt as needed.  Some cooks like to add granulated chicken bouillon to add more flavors to the broth instead of salt.
  3. Serve the soup in bowls, and pass the garnishes around the table so everyone can add them to their personal liking.

 This soup reminds me a lot of the “Pho” soups served here in the States at the Vietnamese restaurants. I hope you try it and come back to let me know if you make any changes to the soup.