Oxtail Stew Recipe

My Mom used to make beef stew for us every winter. As a youngster, I didn’t care for it much, too many veggies. As I got a little older; I developed a taste for it & actually looked forward to eating it. She’d put in lots of potatoes & carrots, bay leaves & big chunks of meat. That beef stew would fill me up & warm my belly on a chilly winter’s night. I didn’t know it back then, but making that stew was my Mom’s way of showing us how much she loved & cared for us.

Like my Mother, I like to prepare hearty meals for my familia tambien. I made Oxtail (Beef) Stew, (called “Guisado del Rabo de Buey” in Spanish) for my family tonight & I thought it’d be the perfect dish to share with y’all.  First, you’ll need to purchase some quality Oxtails. Rumba Meats is the brand I turn to.

A quick trip to my neighborhood Lucky’s Supermarket is all I have to do to find the cuts of meat I need. Not only is Lucky’s carrying Rumba Meats, you can find it at FoodMaxx & Save Marts too. This is great news for those of us who like to make Menudo, Lengua, Tripas, & all the other delicious Mexican dishes we grew up eating.




Now for the good stuff- let’s get to cooking! Dice your veggies & have them ready. You’ll need 3-4 lbs of Rumba Meats Oxtails. Rinse them off & trim any visible fat. Here’s the recipe: