Dominican Style Tripe Stew (Mondongo)

The holidays for me are all about food. Sharing food to be exact. I love cooking big meals to share with family and friends and most often than not those meals include the dishes that I grew up with back in the Dominican Republic.

This dish I’m sharing today is one that my grandmother used to make to share with the vecinos (neighbors) on the days they came over to celebrate and sing villancincos de navidad (Christmas Carols).

During the week leading up to Christmas, it is a Dominican tradition for family and friends to get together to celebrate the holidays with music and plenty of food. Everyone would bring a dish or drink potluck style and there was always that one cousin who would show up with a guira and tambora to help make the singing and dancing even more festive.

I set out to cook this dish for my husband for the first time ever because he loves it. I was absolutely impressed about how much the smell of it cooking reminded me of my abuela. It really made a bit nostalgic and homesick.

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In the spirit of the season Rumba Meats sent me piñatas and gift cards to spread the joy and share with family and friends. ¡Gracias Rumba Meats!