Tacos De Lengua

There are a few dishes that instantly transport you back home as soon as you are reminded of them, whether through pictures, conversation or even better aromas.  During the early 80’s, my parents, Ramiro and Blanca, owned a small taqueria in Houston, Texas. “Blanca’s”, named after my Mom. It was a good learning experience for me, even though I did not know it at the time. On the weekends, when there was no school, I would get up at 5 a.m. and go to “el negocio”(the business), as we called it, and help my Dad begin the prep for that day’s tacos. My job was to prepare the fresh pico de gallo(fresh salsa). At the time, it was a real chore, but now when I think back on it, they were some of the best times, spending that time with my Dad. Some of the favorite or specialty tacos included, lengua (beef tongue), barbacoa de cachete (beef cheek) and pork carnitas. I have to confess that I have not prepared beef tongue for myself in all these years. Tacos de lengua hold a special place in my memories. When my then boyfriend, Richard (husband),  came to visit and meet my family for the first time, my Mom prepared tacos de lengua. He had never had real Mexican food, let alone beef tongue tacos, lol!!  He enjoyed every bite! Then I had tell what he had just eaten, ha, ha, ha! He still married me! Going on 30 years this year. The last time I had tacos de lengua, my Mom prepared them. That was many years ago. And as you can imagine the nostalgic feelings that came with this whole journey and much needed kitchen therapy, as I lovingly call it. They were every bit as delicious as I remembered.



Directions 1. Trim of any excess fat from the beef tongue anf place in a 5 quart pressure cooker. Add onion, garlic, jalapeño, bay leaves, peppercorns, salt and just enough water to come 1/2 inch below the fill line. Secure and lock the lid and heat to high. When the safety valve locks and the cooker begins to hiss and let out steam, turn heat down to medium/low. Set timer for 1 hour, 30 minutes. ~ 2. When timer is up, carefully move the pressure cooker off of the burner to cooler side. When safety valve releases and unlocks, remove the lid. Remove beef tongue and transfer to cutting board, let cool slightly. Remove outer skin and excess fat from beef tongue. Slice or chop the beef to the size you like. Serve with warm corn tortillas, salsa, cilantro, diced onion, lime and avocado slices. You can serve it as it for tacos or you can prepare a guisado de lengua.