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Beef Tripas

Rumba Meats beef tripas, also known as chitterlings, are popular in a variety of dishes. Beef tripas are the perfect ingredient for tacos that are piled high with cilantro, onions and topped off with a squeeze of lime. They’re also a great ingredient for soups, stews and salads – or simply served over rice and beans. To prepare beef tripas, clean and boil them. Then fry, grill or roast them. Once they’re cooked through, finish cooking over high heat for a few minutes until browned and crispy on the outside and deliciously tender on the inside.

• Good source of protein

Rumba Meats Beef Tripe Nutrition Facts Label

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Whether you’re recreating tu abuela’s recetas or putting a new spin on an old classic, traditional meals are about more than just feeding the body. See how we’re working to help strengthen families and communities just like yours.

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