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Chicken Adobo

Make it a sweet and smoky chicken taco night with this contemporary take on chicken adobo. What is chicken adobo? It’s originally a Filipino and Spanish dish that has braised chicken and adobo, a classic Mexican sauce featuring ancho and chipotle chili peppers. Paired with chicken, you can make some truly unexpected and flavorful tacos. For delicious, shreddable results, make chicken adobo in a slow cooker on low heat, or in an instant pressure cooker—not on the stove top or oven. When the chicken is done, pile it high in a warm tortilla with plenty of its own flavorful juices. Top with guacamole, chopped onion, and queso fresco.

  • Available at Kroger, King Soopers, Fred Meyer & City Market Stores
  • High in protein
  • Good source of iron

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