Rumba Meats Beef Taco Recipe Plated

¡Celebremos el sabor de la familia!


Keeping traditions alive.

You stand where two worlds meet. One modern and multicultural, the other filled with patrimonio, tradición, canto y, por supuesto, comida. Rumba Meats gives you the fresh, high-quality traditional variety meats to share your pasión y vitalidad with the amigos y familia who bring your worlds together.

Family Enjoying Rumba Meats at a Cookout
Rumba Meats 3 Color Background Assorted Packages of Rumba Meats

Vacuum-sealed for added freshness.

Rumba Meats are vacuum-sealed at the plant to stay fresher in your refrigerator longer.


Use-by and freeze-by information is clearly labeled on all packages of Rumba Meats, so you know exactly when to cook or freeze your meat.


All Rumba cuts are processed and packed by hand at Cargill meat facilities, so you get consistent quality in every cut.

Wide Variety

With nearly 30 different specialty beef cuts available, there’s a very good chance there’s a Rumba cut that’s perfect for your favorite family meals.

Let's Dance

Look for the Rumba Meats dancer on every Rumba product. Her traditional pollera attire represents the two cultures she spans. Her bright colors and brighter smile embody Rumba’s variety and our passion to celebrate comida, familia y patrimonio. ¡Bailemos!


About Cargill

Rumba Meats was created by Cargill to serve a quality variety line of traditional products more easily available to a broader Hispanic community. We’re a worldwide leader in safe, responsible and sustainable food services. Visit our website to discover how the power of an industry leader is strengthening food systems and communities around the globe.